Hanover, 25 September 2019 – With its new repair programme, Apple intends to start providing original iPhone spare parts to independent repair shops in future. Clickrepair, Wertgarantie’s repair marketplace, predicts that, as well as shorter repair times and more transparency, this should also lead to savings for those seeking a repair.

Whether a broken display or defective battery – if iPhone users are keen to get high-quality original spare parts when having their device repaired, their only option until now has been to visit an Apple Store or one of the authorized service partners, which are also listed on Clickrepair. These are few and far between, however, and getting a repair directly from Apple frequently involves long waiting times. The fact that independent repair shops will soon also be able to obtain and offer spare parts from Apple should significantly take the pressure off the repair market and lead to an improvement in repair quality and duration.

“For iPhone users, this programme could really hit the mark. After all, a high number of participating repair shops would significantly reduce the repair times taken as a whole. Only, of course, on the condition that Apple provides them with adequate spare parts. More competition among the repair shops may possibly also have a positive effect for iPhone users,” says Marco Brandt, Division Manager for Digital Business at Wertgarantie.

Samsung customers are already benefiting from the repair comparison with original parts

Even now, it is worth making a comparison on the Clickrepair platform between a repair directly from Apple and that of a certified partner: on a battery exchange for iPhone models XS, XS Max, XR and X, for example, users save 15 euros each time without jeopardizing their warranty rights with the procedure. For a display replacement, customers currently pay 37 euros more on average at an independent repair shop, but they have a choice between several providers and can opt for a faster repair.

Samsung customers benefit even more from the provider density and can save as much as 38 euros on the exchange of an original battery in the Galaxy S9. “Customers of other manufacturers such as Samsung have the clear advantage that, because of the large number of service providers, they firstly have a higher chance of getting a bargain and, secondly, they more frequently benefit from the high quality of the original parts used,” Brandt explains.

On Wertgarantie’s repair portal, users can decide for themselves which spare part quality they would like to have for their repair. An analysis of Clickrepair’s customer orders shows that 69 per cent of Apple users choose “Quality class B” with replica parts because only a few certified partners are allowed to offer original parts. 83 per cent of Samsung users, by contrast, choose “Quality class A”, meaning a repair with original Samsung spare parts.

Repair duration can vary greatly

For all device brands and models, in addition to comparing the price, customers should always check how long the repair will take. This allows them to save not only money but also time, with the same manufacturer standards, and have their device repaired within a few hours rather than having to manage without it for days or weeks. On Wertgarantie's repair marketplace, users can see whether the repair shop is nearby and take it there directly. If they choose the mail-order repair service, they generally have their smartphone back within a few days.


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