Hanover, 5 December 2019 – Clickrepair, Wertgarantie’s repair marketplace, has published an updated Smartphone Repair Study* in cooperation with Statista. The most robust smartphones this year, with an overall grade of 1.6 (on a scale of 1.0 [best] to 4.0 [worst]) come from Sony: their smartphones show the fewest cases of damage and the lowest repair costs. In comparison to manufacturers, Apple’s popular iPhones take the last place, achieving an overall grade of 2.5.

The Smartphone Repair Study draws on German data from more than 1.5 million devices insured by Wertgarantie, together with findings from the recent survey among 5,000 smartphone users from Germany in cooperation with Statista. The survey examined damage data for smartphones as well as the user behaviour of their owners.

Display damage is the most frequent cause of damage

67.4 per cent of all damaged smartphones have a defective display. This is closely followed by damage to the casing: on every second smartphone, the casing is affected when there is damage. The proportion of damaged cameras is 7.9 per cent. “What is astonishing here is that while more than a third of all smartphones suffer a defect in the course of their service life, only just under one in seven survey respondents have their smartphone repaired in the case of damage,” says Marco Brandt, Division Manager for Digital Business at Wertgarantie.

Reasons for a smartphone repair

The reason for a repair named most often by smartphone users is the financial aspect. Almost half of all respondents stated that a repair was cheaper for them than a new purchase. Also playing a major role for smartphone users is the ecological aspect: at 42.5 per cent, this factor takes second place. “Our study shows that sustainability definitely is an important topic for users; but considering that, the proportion of repairs that are actually carried out is still too low,” Brandt reports.

Additional interesting findings can be found summarized in the recent Smartphone Repair Study 2019.

* The study is based on survey and insurance data from Germany.


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