Hanover, 20 December 2019 – Electronic devices need to become more durable again and their users given more opportunities to repair them in the case of damage. This is envisaged by the EU Commission in their current Green Deal. To this end, in the coming year the Commission intends to examine the need for a right to repair. To support users even now, Clickrepair, Wertgarantie’s repair marketplace, advises people to compare the vulnerability and repair costs of individual smartphone models and take this into consideration when making a purchase decision.

Incorporating the right to repair into the EU's circular economy plan is to be one of many measures to make Europe climate neutral by 2050. With electronic devices, that above all means counteracting their premature obsolescence and improving their reparability. The new repair standards could also have a positive effect on the supply of spare parts for smartphones, thus significantly expanding the repair services for users. Until now, many manufacturers are still making it difficult for users to repair a defect themselves or have it repaired by the expert of their choice.

Users should actively make decisions and compare products

Besides the right to repair, an electronic product passport is being discussed to help consumers make an active choice when purchasing a device. This is to inform them, among other things, about the reparability and disposal of the product. Clickrepair advises people to look carefully even now when choosing the right device. “With smartphones we have noticed that there are sometimes huge differences between the various models of a single manufacturer. It is therefore important that consumers make use of the possibility to compare,” says Marco Brandt, division manager at Wertgarantie. For this purpose, Clickrepair’s Repair Check, with statistics updated on a monthly basis, offers assistance relating to smartphones and laptops currently on the market as regards how likely they are to need repairs and how high the average repair costs are if the device has a fault. In this way consumers can, at least in part, avoid a nasty surprise before it happens.

Fewer people have their smartphone repaired

But the focus of the EU is not only on making a device last a long time, but also turning users’ awareness towards “repairing instead of discarding”. If their smartphone breaks, for most people taking it for repair is not an option. The recent Smartphone Repair Study 2019 by Clickrepair, in cooperation with Statista, shows that merely 15 per cent of those concerned have their smartphone repaired in the case of damage. “The figures suggest that when there is a fault, users decide more quickly to purchase a new device rather than having the faulty one repaired. Implementing the right to repair could bring about a change of thinking here, as well as creating practical incentives to restore the device rather than spending money on a new one,” says Brandt.


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